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Excursion to the Blue Temple Wat Pa Phu Kon
Wat Pa Phu Kon - The Blue Temple

Beautiful temple complex located in the mountains, built in 2010-13 with a 20 meter long reclining Buddha on Carrara marble blocks. Woodcarvings and copper reliefs from Buddha's life adorn the interior of the temple.
Excursion to the lotos lake
Thalee Bua Daeng - Sea of Lotus Flowers
North of the town of Kumphawapi is one of the most beautiful wonders of Isaan. At sunrise, from December to February, millions of pink lotus flowers open on the lake. In the great Isaan epic by Phadaeng and Nang Ai, the lake plays an important role.
Isaan-homestay Excursion Chiang Khan
Chiang Khan - Wooden Village @ the Mekong River

Originally a migrant village of Laotians, Vietnamese and Chinese, Chiang Khan is today a very special village. Along the Mekong River, there are beautifully preserved and renovated traditional wooden houses on a walking street, which is closed to traffic in the evening and therefore very lively. An enchanting atmosphere!
Excursion to Sala Kaeo Ku, Sculpture Temple in Nong Khai
Sala Kaeo Ku, Sculpture Temple in Nong Khai
The park, created in 1978 by the mystic artist Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat, houses sculptures up to 20 metres high with scenes from the life of Buddha and the Hindu Buddhist world of gods. This complex is unique in its kind. The walkable wheel of life is remarkable.
Roundtrip to Erawan Cave - Loei - Mountain Lake - Chateau de Loei Winery
Erawan Cave - Loei - Mountain Lake - Winery Chateau de Loei
A round trip leads to the impressive Erawan Cave, 600 steps up to the Buddha at the cave entrance. A beautiful and lonely lake invites for lunch in the mountains of Loei. The royal vineyard in the mountains, a worthwhile visit for wine lovers. Overnight stay in Chiang Khan.