Accommodation Costs Isaan Homestay
1 person - 1000 THB/ night all inclusive, Fan Aircon
2 persons - 1500 THB/ night all inclusive, Fan Aircon
for 3rd person simple guest room - 600 THB/ night all inclusive, only Fan
Children, food only - 400 THB/ night/child
All inclusive:
  • Guest room (Attention: only one big bed!!)
  • Use of all house and garden (Ban Ruen Thai, Tham Na Pha),
  • Toilet/shower,
  • Breakfast Lunch Dinner
  • Fruits, drinking water, teas, coffee
  • Linen, bed linen,
  • Aircondition (AC), running machine, bicycles,
  • WIFI, television, office for working, general cleaning
  • Udon Thani (Airport, Central Bus Station) > Isaan-Homestay - 1300 THB
  • Non Sa-at > Isaan-Homestay - 300 THB
  • Kumphawapi > Isaan Homestay - 400 THB
  • Khon Kaen Airport/ Bus Terminal - Isaan-Homestay - 1500 THB
Trips, Excursions
  • Transport costs for excursions will be agreed in advance.
  • Transports with our car generally cost 10 THB/ km (petrol included)
  • Daily package tour guide / chauffeur - 3000 THB  
  • Visits to restaurants (except in the village) are not included in our package price.
  • Entrance fees to museums, zoos, national parks are not included in our flat rate.

Massages Nicha
  • Classical Thai massage, whole body, 2 hours - 500 THB
  • Foot massage, 1 hour - 200 THB
  • Head & Shoulder Massage, 1 hour - 300 THB
  • Oil massage, whole body, 1 hour - 300 THB
  • Oil massage, whole body, 2 hours - 500 THB
Rates Courses, Education
Massage Courses >> HERE
Improvisation >> HERE
Please pay cash for all services, Thank you
Inquiry, Registration, Reservation
We also like to travel from time to time, therefore it is absolutely necessary to clarify dates with us.
Please use the following form for a first contact:
Isaan-Homestay Prices & Registration
Our house is alcohol and smoke free, of course our guests can smoke outside and get drunk at their own expense. In the village shops you can buy Thai beer and Thai whisky, as well as smoke (Thai and international/american cigarettes)...........
The Thai currency is the Baht (THB), the exchange rates are fluctuating, in February 2019:
  • 31 THB for one Swiss Franc
  • 35.5 THB for one Euro
  • 31 THB for one US Dollar
You can change at the airport, but better in a bank in Udon Thani. Under no circumstances change THB in Europe or US, the exchange rates are very bad (you can check with currency calculators!).   
Cash or plastic
The Thais want to see Baht - we also smiley , with credit cards you can pay in big cities, better restaurants, brand shops, in shopping centers .............
There are 1000's, 500's, 100's, 50's and 20's notes, when changing you should demand a share of 100/50/20's notes, to pay a Tuk Tuk driver with a 1000's might not succeed..........
Travelers Cheques, Plastic or Cash from Europe/US/Australia/New Zealand
Traveler's cheques are the most complicated form of exchange: relatively high costs and a certain nerve factor when exchanging (passport, signature, fees, sometimes worse exchange rates - a kind of hidden second fee) do not outweigh the security factor of getting the cheque replaced in case of loss or theft.
Most bank cards can be used to withdraw money at Baht ATM machines. Unfortunately, the Thai banks (i.e. the ATM operators) have introduced a fee of 150 Baht (a good 4 SFR /3 Euro/ 4 USD), which is a good 1.5% even with a withdrawal of 10,000 Baht!
Many take cash with them in their local currency, which is the easiest thing to change, although the banks also want to see and copy the passport.
Thailand is, especially in our region, very theft-proof. Our guests can always store cash in our safe (350 kg heavy, not crack- or transportable!).
A combination of cash and plastic is probably the most sensible. It is absolutely necessary to clarify before the journey, whether money can be drawn with the plastic card in Thailand....and where.
Passport and travel documents
We recommend, that you always keep all important travel documents
  • to be scanned and stored on a USB stick
  • to carry 2-3 copies of all important travel documents, one colour copy of passport (incl. visa page)> (scanning and printing is possible in our office)
  • If you are travelling in Thailand, you must always carry the passport on you, at police controls they want to see the original.

Travel advice

    Government UK: HERE
    US Government: HERE