Isaan-Homestay Musician, Composer and Arranger Andi Reinhard
Jazz-Blues-Pop-Rock Latin Workshops
with Andi Reinhard, saxophonist, arranger and composer, music teacher,
40 years of band experience, band coaching, leader of ensembles and big bands
offers in his small studio in the farming village in Isaan (Northeast Thailand)
individual workshops for improvisation techniques.
The offer applies exclusively to all wind instruments (C, Bb, Eb, in G and Bass clef).
By individual workshop we mean the following:
  • You define the topics you are interested in
  • You define your objectives and priorities in a mail exchange prior to registration.
  • You determine the working hours and the duration of the stay
  • You determine the combination of workshop days and relaxation days
The following list of topics is not complete and can be supplemented by your individual wishes:
  • Improvisation Techniques
  • Jazz Standards, Realbooks, Great American Songbook, Musical Songs
  • All Blues
  • Improvisation for Pop, Rock, Ballads, Latin
  • Harmony, auditory training, rhythms, breathing technique
  • Chords, Scales, Progressions
  • Composition & Arrangement (Andi is an arranger trained by Dick Grove School LA)
  • History of Blues & Jazz
  • FINALE music notation
In the studio, there is a large digital collection of playalongs, sound documents, sheet music, realbooks available.
> Bring a HD with you!
The theme transitions are fluid, any combination is possible!
A PC and a MAC with the programs Band-in-a-Box, Logic and Finale are available in the studio, as well as a sound system with mixer. WIFI and LAN as well as a printer/copier are also standard.
Studio recordings are not included!
An introduction to the FINALE music notation program can of course be a focal point.
Andi has developed his own teaching methods and worksheets for various areas. All worksheets are available free of charge as PDF files. Depending on the choice of topic, the corresponding working documents are printed out and processed here.
For one person:
3500 TB/day for food, housing and use of the studio/ infrastructure
my knowledge is available 4 hours/day for free!**
** The proceeds go to the Munguanban family and our aid projects.
Transfer from Udon Thani airport, excursions etc. will be charged extra.
Info about Homestay (Infrastructure) >>HIER
Info about excursions >>HERE
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For a couple, a combination of our courses might be interesting:
  • He (or she) is interested in Jazz-Improvisation
  • She (or he) is interested in a massage training >> HERE
  • Together you experience country and people in the village and on excursions
  • We will be happy to give you a special offer, just ask us