Many roads lead to Ban Nonthong!
Your destination airport is Udon Thani UTH International Airport
> 50 minutes away from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
    or Don Mueang International Airports
> approx. 60 minutes from Uta Pao/ Pattaya International Airport
> approx. 60 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport
> reachable in approx. 2 hours from Phuket International Airport (direct flight)
Your destination bus station is
> Udon Thani Central, if you come for example from Laos (50 km to the border)
> Non Sa-at or Kumphawapi if you are coming from Bangkok
Your destination train station is
> Non Sa-at, if you are coming by slow train from north or south
> Udon Thani Satani Rotfei when you are coming by night train from Bangkok
We pick you up at your arrival point and take you to your next destination.
From our village to Non Sa-at (approx. 14 km) there is no public transport!
Price details (transfer) see HERE
Isaan-Homestay arrival and departure
  • All international flights land at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok (approx. 30 km to the city)
  • Connecting flights from there to Udon Thani with Thai Smile      
  • If you expect that your baggage will NOT automatically reach the connecting flight, plan at least 2 hours for check-in and check-out.
  • Other flights from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok to Udon Thani, cheap airlines are Air Asia, Nok Air, Lion Air
  • From Suvarnabhumi there is a shuttle bus to Don Mueang, 1-3 hours transfer depending on traffic!
  • Direct buses (night buses) leave from Mochit Bus Terminal and will arrive in 9-12 hours  in Udon Thani, get off at Non Sa-at where we will pick you up.
  • Buses from Udon Thani Central arrive in about 1 hour in Non Sa-at (if you are coming from Laos, for example).
  • Since bus arrivals are not predictable, you should have a mobile phone with Thai SIM card with you, so you could notify us about 30 minutes in advance about your arrival time.
  • A special experience is a train journey in Thailand, during the day in the 3rd class car, at night comfortable 1st class sleeper. The latter you book 30% cheaper at the railway counter than on the internet.
  • We think: Anyone who has travelled the country by train knows the country.

There is a new and popular travel route through the Southeast Asian countries, it begins in Bangkok THAILAND > Nakhon Ratchasima > Khon Kaen > Non Sa-at > Udon Thani > Nong Khai > Vientianne LAOS > Luamprabang > VIETNAM > KAMBODSCHA > back to THAILAND. Or the other way round. Anyway, this route leads directly past us in Non Sa-at! Some travellers took already advantage of our offer, either to acclimatize at the beginning of the trip or to relax at the end of the trip. Try it!
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