Infrastructure Isaan-Homestay
Our house is simply furnished, but has everything you need for a pleasant life in the tropics.
  • 1 guest room with aircon, large double bed for 2 persons, wardrobe
  • A big living room with aircon, sofa, TV (countless Thai channels, Netflix, Youtube)
  • A kitchen with glass ceramic stove and oven, refrigerator with large freezer compartment, dining table
  • Water cooler (also for hot water)
  • 3 x toilet with shower (with hot water)
  • Office/workroom with WIFI (in the whole house) with Aircon
  • Massage and one-person herbal sauna, classic Thai massage, foot massage, oil massage, head & shoulder massage
  • Running machine, washing machine, laundry drying, roasting kitchen
  • Large garden (see below)
  • The house is NOT wheelchair accessible, but could be adapted with ramps accordingly.
More details on the topics can be found below:
Isaan-Homestay Management Nicha Reinhard Munguanban
Isaan-Homestay Living Room
Isaan-Homestay Veranda
Isaan-Homestay indoor Eatingplace
Isaan-Homestay Kitchen
  •  220 V available in the whole house
  • Sometimes power interruptions must be reckoned with
  • 2-pole plug (CH and D) no problem, otherwise adapter available.
Garden, Tam Na Pha and Ban Ruen Thai
In 1 year of work we have created a small garden paradise (Suan Sawan), which we enjoy very much today. Our mother is a passionate vegetable gardener, Nicha loves flowers and Andi cultivates a small spice garden. We harvest seasonal vegetables and fruits from our garden. In the rainy season the vegetable garden is often "out of order" because of the large amounts of water, but we are not flooded, the water drains off quickly.
In the left and right corner of our garden there are small wooden houses built in traditional Thai style. The Ban Ruen Thai is a cottage for staying, resting, reading, working, chatting with friends... The Tam Na Pha is a small temple for Tamboon (prayers), meditations. At the back of the site, next to the public access to the massage area, there is another house, the rice house Ban Khao. Here the rice harvest is stored from the rice fields of the family. We eat our own delicious rice all year round!
The trees planted in 2013 have grown enormously and have formed a jungle with a pleasant shady climate - especially around Ban Ruen Thai.
Isaan-Homestay Ban Ruen Thai
Isaan-Homestay Garden Suan Savan
Isaan-Homestay Tam Na Pha House Temple
Isaan-Homestay Flowergarden
Dogs, cats and other animals
Many dogs live in the farming village, these are locked out at night by the Thais, which gives us now and then the wonderful dog howl concerts during the night. In daytime, they are tired and lie all over the village on the streets. Basically, there have never been any problems with dogs, they are mostly peaceful, except at night. Nevertheless, caution is always advised with stray dogs.
Cats reproduce mainly in the temple, which is our "neighbour". Since we have fenced our home a bit, a cat likes to live in the security of our area: Tubtim is our domestic cat.
In 2016 we raised a dog puppy, our Thungaen. He protects our house and garden and is the best snake hunter ever. From time to time, a snake gets on our grounds to hunt lizards. Normally, snakes are afraid of people and disappear quickly. And otherwise they are immediately hunted by the locals, caught and abandoned in the wild...if they survive Thungaen at all...! At the entrance gate, Nicha has planted a special flower pot with an anti-snake herb on the left and right side........
Pets do not live in our house, but only in our garden!
The birds and butterflies love our garden, in the morning you can watch the birds bathing in our two lotus ponds. In April 2014 we discovered the first bird's nest in one of our trees on the grounds......since then it has many nests. From time to time we discover with great joy a swarm of bees in the branches of a tree or bush.
Our compost is our house miracle. On the one hand it gives us valuable soil for the garden, on the other hand it is a feeding place for many animals like lizards, squirrels and birds.
Mosquitoes are omnipresent in the tropics, but they are not a plague during the day. In the evening at dusk it is necessary to protect oneself. Mosquito repellents are available in all shops. For outside the house (garden, veranda, Ban Ruen Thai) we have mosquito coils ready for burning, the stinking smoke should drive away the mosquitoes. Malaria occurs in the rainy season from June to October, but a drug prophylaxis is not necessary. We live here and do not take any medication. Good protective measures at night are enough, the whole house is protected with mosquito screens at all windows and entrances, we all learned to close always the doors behind us immediately.
Beetles, snails, chicken families, ducks, cows, water buffalos, mongooses, squirrels, monkeys, elephants, ants, termites, geckos etc. you can discover yourself....