Language & Behaviour
English is not very widespread, here in the countryside hardly anyone speaks English.
If you want to live here, travel, maybe even spend some time in the temple, you should learn a few words Thai. The people here have a lot of joy, sometimes a lot of fun with our language efforts.
Generally, the people here in Isaan are very humorous and funny, people joke a lot and like to laugh.
Isaan-Homestay learn Thai language
customs and traditions
Before you start a trip to Thailand, you should get you a good travel guide, which also describes the culture, customs and traditions correctly. It would be beyond the scope of this documentation to mention them all here now.
It is a question of respecting this culture and these people to acquire this knowledge. Of course we always inform our guests about the customs here.
In our house and in the village, comfortable clothes like shorts, T-shirts, short skirts are no problem. Tt is different when you visit a temple. Shoes are always taken off when entering the house or a temple. The welcome Wai opens hearts and doors......and it is an advantage to know a few more things.