• Ban Nonthong is located about 15 km from Non Sa-at.
  • There is no public transportation from the village to the highway.
  • From Non Sa-at there is bus and train north and south.
  • We are always dependent on a vehicle.

For excursions to our farm (approx. 5km) and the surrounding area, simple bicycles are available.
Isaan-Homestay Mobility
Car and motorbike
  • You will need an international driver's license.
  • In the vicinity of Ban Nonthong there is no police, the locals drive the mopeds all without driving licences and helmets, already 10 years old kids.
  • We have a moped, they drive pretty fast and everywhere there are dogs, chickens, cows and wild Thai drivers with tractors, mopeds and pickups on the roads and paths.....................
  • You can rent motorcycles and cars at all tourist places and in the big cities (Udon Thani) in the country.
    We advise against driving your own car!

Family vehicle
Travelling in Isaan by public transport is a bit time-consuming, therefore we offer excursions and round trips with our family car.
  • Ford Everest
  • spacious
  • comfortable
  • secure
  • we know the routes
  • we have Thai. driving licences and insurances

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