Ban Nonthong and surroundings
Ban Nonthong is a typical Isaan farming village with about 500 families, three temples, a small market, a few local shops, occasionally small soup kitchens (created and disappeared seasonally) and a village school. We live in the middle of the village, in the middle of the action!

Village life
We are not a hotel..... our life is integrated into the village life here. There are a few things you should know:
  • The village life begins shortly before sunrise, about 5.30 am.
  • Before that, the temple bells and the dogs were perhaps already to be heard, at sunrise additionally the roosters will start.
  • Tractors start, children scream, the villagers greet each other loudly and gossip over all fences.
  • The village president announces her morning news over a loudspeaker system distributed over the village
From about 07.00 a.m. there is peace, the children in school and the farmers in the fields. Because of the daily heat everything starts early.
After sunset, from about 6 pm, the silence comes back in the village, no pubs, no cinema, there is nothing here! You sit outside in the garden or on the veranda and look into the stars.......and it is perfect silence!
Isaan-Homestay Surroundings
Isaan-Homestay Nature
Isaan-Homestay Foodstall in the Village
Isaan-Homestay Lake and Water Reservoire
Isaan-Homestay Shadow Tree Ton Sam Saa
The Isaan Thai is a loud and cheerful person and loves party and music, the latter as loud as possible until the speakers collapse. Once a month, when the small market is set up on the temple grounds next door, the first thing you hear in the morning is the sound of the finest Isaan beats at 6 in the morning.
The really big parties (Morlam Sing) rise in honour of the dead. On a huge stage with a huge system, a band with dancers will perform the whole night non-stop until 4 am in the morning, you have to see and experience that. Sleep? ........with the decibels?...maybe with plugs in your ears? The Thai doesn't know the kind of consideration we know, here everybody does what he wants and doesn't bother when others are loud in front of their hut. And we are right in the middle of it. But most nights are very quiet and relaxing.
The surroundings of our village are characterized by farmland and rice fields, everywhere there are small lakes, which are used as water reservoirs for the rice fields and the villages. North of our village there is a 40 hectare forest with a forest temple (Wat Baa) in the middle. The village school with sports field is adjacent to this forest. Everywhere, natural roads lead to the fields, our fields (farm) are about 4 km outside the village. Exploring by bike is a pleasure here! The immediate area around our village can be easily explored on foot, for larger excursions we have bicycles, a moped and a car. From our village to the nearest public transport in Non Sa-at it is about 15 km, from there train and bus go north or south.
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Isaan-Homestay Rice Fields
Isaan-Homestay Rice Field
Isaan-Homestay growing Rice
Isaan-Homestay the Rice is ripe