Our village temple
...and the opportunity to spend some time as a monk or nun. Lompho Kamchan is the monk who leads our neighboring Wat (temple). Usually, two or more monks are present. Every morning at about 4.00 am, the temple bells ring, the monks go with their eating bowls through our village. At about 7.00 am the morning prayer (Tambun) begins in the temple hall, prayers, the monks eat, afterwards the participating villagers eat, who have also cooked their own food and brought it for the monks and themselves.
Our mother Mea Thongyoo is always there - and you are cordially invited to participate as well. This special experience should not be missed, even if it is only on one morning.
Isaan-Homestay Village Temple
On Buddhist festivities  - and there are many in the cycle of the year - the prayer hall is full, the whole village takes part. The villagers sit on the floor... and would bring a plastic chair to the Farang (foreigner).
Every Thai man spends some time as a monk in the temple, usually between 3 weeks and three months. The hair is shaved off, the saffron-yellow cloth is put on and the 350 Buddhist rules are followed. Every man/ woman can enter and leave at any time. But you have to know, for us Farangs, life as monks (Lompho, Lomphi) or nuns (Meshi) can be hard and demanding.
Isaan-Homestay Buddhist Festival at the Temple
If you have an interest in spending a time as Lomphi/ Lompho or Meshi in our temple
There are different levels for monks and nuns, for us Farangs two are interesting:
The highest level Monk (Lompho) or Nun (Meshi)
means to live in the temple, to obey 350 laws, to remove head hair, also for Meshi. Life in the highest form as Lompho or Meshi is hard, in the temple you will sleeps on the floor (mats), you will eat what the villagers put into the begging bowl in the morning or bring into the temple during the morning devotions. And the peasant food here is not everyone's style, in addition there are hygienic aspects and the water to take care off.
The novice stage is a relaxed form and a possibility very accommodating to us Farangs. This form is very flexible to the situation.
Monks always eat early in the morning at 07.00 am, the last meal of the day is at 11.00 am, after that nothing but water/milk. The daily routine with the prayer times: in the morning at 4.00 am it will start! At this novice level you can stay with us and we guarantee your safety and hygiene. Of course we cook the meals for you.
An advantage is our close relationship to the temple. Our mother Mea Thongyoo, as mentioned above, takes part in the Tambun every day and is very connected to the temple...and she is a soul of a woman. There is of course the problem of language, you could learn the prayers in Thai-Pali (temple language). In the temple nobody speaks English except your host Nicha, she is happy to translate for you.
One important rule is to follow strictly: A monk may not touch a female being, accordingly a nun may not touch a male one. Moreover, a nun and a novice are always dressed in white, a monk is always dressed in saffron yellow. These clothes can be bought here easily and cheaply on the markets. General Costs: Entrance and exit in the temple costs 1000 THB (approx. 31 USD or 27 €), in addition every few days a small donation of 100 THB at the Tambun is recommended. Nothing else.........except the costs for board and lodging as well as the trip....... see more HERE
Forest Temple Wat Baa
In our forest temple with crematorium - the last "destination" of every villager - a special monk lives isolated from the world - and with the spirits also living there: Lompho Kanong. He is a very interesting person, he is said to be clairvoyant. Many people come from far away to let him interpret their future. He always knew in advance when we arrived with one of our guests. It is said that his accuracy is over 80%. He only mentions tendencies, but no data.
Isaan-Homestay Village Inhabitants at a Tambun at the Temple