Water & Food
Our house water comes from our own spring (30 meters deep, filter system) and has drinking water quality, therefore it is sufficient for showering and brushing teeth without hesitation.
This spring water is additionally purified by a drinking water system, 60 litres of drinking water are available to us daily for cooking and drinking (special tap in the kitchen).
Further water sources are the roof rain water, which we collect in large 1600 litre clay pots (Oong), as well as the village water, which is made available to the villagers from the surrounding reservoir lakes. We use these water sources exclusively for the garden. In the monsoon (rainy season from June to October) we even operate a monsoon outdoor shower invented by us!
Our kitchen is
  • easy and digestible
  • Thai
  • Thai - European
  • European
  • Traditional Isaan
  • Clean, ecological, seasonal
  • Vegetarian by arrangement
We know the best restaurants in the region
Please inform us about incompatibilities and peculiarities of your diet in advance! Spontaneous menu adjustments are not so easy here, the nearest shopping facilities are an hour away.
All meals at Homestay are included
Meals for excursions to the region are not included in the Homestay price.
Isaan Homestay Water & Food
Isaan Homestay Panaeng yellow Curry
Isaan Homestay Squid BBQ Pamoek Yang
Isaan Homestay Tom Yum Soup
Isaan Homestay Som Tum Gai Yang Isaan
We eat seasonal, vegetables preferably from our own garden, rather low in meat, also vegetarian, Thai and Isaan cuisine, from time to time we cook Thai-European, there we have meanwhile discovered a few excellent combinations, which usually give us a full table with neighbours. In the capital of Isaan, Udon Thani, we can buy almost all ingredients for European food, but it is more interesting and recommendable to discover and enjoy the local cuisine.
Of course, breakfast can  be European: there is toast, sometimes bread, eggs, honey, butter, jam, coffee, milk, ovaltine, black and green tea.........and above all FRUITS!
The traditional Thai breakfast is a rice soup that we like to enrich with vegetables, a delicious breakfast especially in the cooler season from November to February. The best time to get to know the typical Isaan breakfast is at 06.30 a.m. in the temple, accompanied by our mother Mae Thongyoo for the morning Tamboon.
The Isaan and Thai cuisine is characterized by its chilli spice, which many Europeans are not able to eat.  Ourselves, we cook with a little chilli, everyone can season with a chilli mill. In restaurants it is always possible to order "not hot" (Mei Pet). Those who really like spicy food will certainly get their share here, although, there is spiciness, a Somtam Isaan (papaya salad) could make it to the "spiciest experience" of your life!
The Thai and Isaan cuisine is based on rice (Khao), our family are rice farmers, we have our own delicious rice every day. In our rural area everything revolves around rice (self-sufficiency), sugar cane (earnings) and sweet potatoes (animal feed). We are all involved in the rice cycle every year - from the cultivation and watering of the fields, sowing (in June) to the harvest in November. A unique and special experience, if you should be with us at just the right time!
Of course we know some excellent restaurants for Thai and Isaan specialties, seafood and European cuisine in the area and the surrounding cities. We also like to go there, especially if we can combine it with a trip to a beautiful place in the surrounding area.
Our house is alcohol and smoke free, of course our guests can smoke outside and get drunk at their own expense. In the village shops you can buy Thai beer and Thai whisky, as well as smoke (Thai and international/ American cigarettes).
Isaan Homestay sticky Rice Khao Niaw
Isaan Homestay spicy chili Prik
Isaan Homestay Fruits seasonal
Isaan Homestay Kraphau Moo
Isaan Homestay Thais eat always everywhere everything