Your and our safety is important to us
> Our property is fenced in
> House and garden are guarded day and night by our dog Thungaen
> All windows are equipped with mosquito screens
> We know all doctors and hospitals in the region
> We keep the house as free as possible from crawling animals.
> Seldom a snake dares to enter our garden, our dog Thungaen is the best snake killer
> Isaan Homestay has few mosquitoes, in the rainy season (June to October) of course a little more
> Protect yourself from mosquitoes especially at sunset, mosquito sprays are available in every shop
> Thailand has malaria and dengue
> You don't need any vaccinations, Tetanus is recommended.
> You are personally responsible for adequate insurance cover when travelling (health insurance, accident, hospital, medication, etc.).
> A large safe (350 kg) is available for your valuables; you must carry your passport with you on excursions and trips.
Please contact us for further information on other security aspects that are of interest to you
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