I lived with Andi & Nicha for a week. I liked it very much because I got an exciting insight into the Thai family and village life.
On the very first day, a spontaneous village festival took place with a parade and many dancers and musicians. I also got to know the friendly neighbourhood, saw a monkey show, captured a wild king cobra, visited the village school and talked to some teachers. Day after day, there was a lot going on; we always had time for in-depth conversations. Early in the morning, we went to the temple wrapped in a cloth (sarong) and brought the food to the monks and had breakfast cross-legged ourselves.
We also made trips to the surrounding area. Especially impressive was a boat trip on a lake with its countless lotus flowers at sunrise, to a mountain with a huge white Buddha and a following festive meal on a raft at the lake shore of a reservoir.
I never got bored, but the eventful program was not overloaded. I can only recommend such a stay.
Jürg, Switzerland